Production Services

Production Services in Corfu

Permissions & Licenses

The licenses required to start a shooting are the first step for a successful production. We can secure in time and consistently all the necessary documents, which will be needed by the competent authorities.

Accommodation & Transportation

Our experienced partners are able to secure the best prices for your accommodation as well as the safe transportation of your crew even in the most distant parts of the island of Corfu.

Location Scout

After 4 years of systematic exploration of the island, we have a huge photographic record and knowledge and we are able to suggest the most interesting sites of Corfu, Paxoi islands and Diapontian islands.Wonderful beaches, 3 castles, an old town with special architecture, unique olive groves, lakes, rivers, old mansions and luxurious villas, an impressive road network are just some of the elements you can include in your scenario.

Location Management

Aerial or underwater shooting? Shooting from a car or a boat?Low loader or cherry picker shooting? Our experienced managers will always be beside you to resolve any concerns before it even becomes a problem.

Crew Extras

Over 100 extras as well as experienced assistants in all departments (production assistants, art department assistants, and costume designer assistants) are at your service and you can choose the most suitable partners for your production.

Prop Construction

╬čn stage

- Technical Consulting

- Engineering

- Material Research